Hot table at Chef Todd’s Kitchen

By: Michelle Porier

Chef Todd’s Kitchen, a new prepared foods and take-out restaurant opened its doors on May 19 to overwhelming support.

Chef Todd Timleck, the restaurant owner, said he’s had many customers during his first few days of operation and struggled to keep up with the demand.

“It’s been really overwhelming; the response we’ve got is really fantastic,” he said.

Chef Todd’s Kitchen, located at 200 Simcoe Ave. in Keswick, offers fresh hot food, prepared meals, catering platters, soups and sauces.

Mr. Timleck said although he saw the excitement on social media over the opening, it was surprising and wonderful to see the turnout on the first couple of days of operation.

“We’re really, really happy being in the area, working with the people and seeing them one-on-one,” he said.

Mr. Timleck is a Red Seal Chef, and along with working in and opening many restaurants over the years, he also ran a catering business for 15 years. Seven years ago, he moved Lifestyle Catering to Georgina, but the company struggled during the pandemic.

“The last year and a half, as we all know, has been hard. My partner left a year ago in March, and I’ve been trying to carry it,” he said.

Mr. Timleck also supplied prepared foods for The Queensway Marketplace, which became very popular and gave him the idea for the restaurant.

He said the turning point was in February and March during the lockdown when his business struggled, and he did not qualify for any grants.

“Truth be told, I had $37.00 in my account the day I opened up; we spent everything we had to open this place up,” he said.

He said his focus is on Chef Todd’s Kitchen now and that while he can prepare larger platters of food for events, he will no longer be catering events.

He says he likes the face-to-face aspect of the new business, seeing people’s faces and speaking to them directly, rather than catering where you may only hear back from a couple of people during a large event, that it makes him strive to make his food better and better.

Mr. Timleck said supporting local farms and using local produce is very important to him.

“There are so many amazing products available locally, and of course, there will be more and more as we progress throughout the summer,” he said.

Erika Timleck, his wife, also helps out at Chef Todd’s Kitchen on cash and with customer service. Mr. Timleck said she has been an amazing support and brings positive energy to the restaurant.

You can view the menu for Chef Todd’s Kitchen at

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