By: Mike Anderson

The wait is finally over for wine, spirit and beer lovers in Island Grove, and on neighbouring Snake Island. 

Georgina’s first-ever LCBO Convenience Outlet — located in Victoria Convenience at Woodbine Ave and Metro Rd N — opened for business on September 20th. And the first beer sold there was a 473 mL can of Coors Banquet!

But there’s more good news.  The LCBO has approved at least four other local communities where retailers can apply to sell beverage alcohol, including Roches Point, Virginia Beach, Udora, and Zephyr.

The LCBO’s list also includes Georgina, at the intersection of Civic Centre Rd and Baseline Rd, which would allow a nearby retailer to apply. However, retailers must be located within five kilometres of the “identified street intersections” to be eligible.  

According to the LCBO, retailers in these communities have until October 8 at 2 pm (EST) to apply for an authorization to sell beverage alcohol. Submissions can be made through the LCBO’s website:

However, there are some notable restrictions.  Retailers must be an existing business that sells a “variety of goods,” but can’t be a pharmacy or a restaurant. They also can’t be within five kilometres of an existing LCBO store. 

If successful, local retailers will be able to purchase wholesale beverage alcohol from the LCBO at a 10 per cent discount, and retail it for the same price as a regular LCBO store. 

While that slim profit margin won’t make Steve Park a wealthy man any time soon, he’s still happy to offer his Island Grove customers a convenient way to buy wine, beer or spirits. 

“I’m very happy to offer my customers this selection,” says Mr. Park. “And when they ask for their favourites, I will make sure to order it for them.”

And his customers are happy too — especially since his store will be open until 10 pm weekdays, and 9 pm on weekends.  

“Having it down the street is nice,” says Garry Woon, who lives in Island Grove and purchased a few cans of Corona.  “As for the liquor, there’s a lot of what I would normally drink. So it’s a bonus.” 

“I don’t have a problem with it whatsoever. There’s no way they would ever sell to minors.  So it’s a good thing for the community. And it’s super convenient,” he adds. 

Chilled Beer at Victoria Convenience



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