GP Photo: River Glen Haven Nursing Home

By: Mike Anderson

A medical SWAT team from Southlake Regional Health Center has been deployed to help the River Glen Haven Nursing Home battle a COVID-19 outbreak.

The outbreak, first reported on April 27, has, so far, infected 37 residents, 15 staff members, and caused two deaths in the 119-bed facility, located in Sutton, Ontario.

The SWAT team is comprised of hospital staff and York paramedics who are on site daily, assisting with the cohorting of negative and resolved residents, as well as providing infection prevention and control support (IPAC) for staff at RGH, according to Gillian Sloggett, a spokesperson for the ministry of long-term care.

Ms. Sloggett also confirms that RGH has developed a cohorting plan to keep staff and residents safe.

According to Ms. Sloggett all residents who are COVID-19 negative are now located on the first floor; all COVID-19 positive residents are on the second floor; and residents with resolved COVID-19 symptoms have been located to the third floor.

This was welcome news to the family of Susan Fraser, 67, a resident at RGH.

Ms. Fraser, who tested negative, was originally located on the 2nd floor and was sharing a room with a resident with COVID-19.

She has now been moved to the first floor largely due to the advocacy of her sister Mary Mulholland and her daughter Sherrie Fraser, which included multiple calls to RGH, the ministry of long-term care and other government officials.

The community has also begun to rally around the embattled nursing home, donating groceries and other supplies to RGH staff who are living in local motel rooms to protect their families, should they get infected.

MP Scot Davidson collecting flowers and cards for residents of River Glen Haven

This Mother’s Day, MP Scot Davidson collected flowers and cards, donated by the community, for the residents of RGH. John Benyik, a York paramedic, delivered the flowers and cards to residents while he was off-duty.

“We will ensure that every resident receives a card. Our whole community is pulling for River Glen Haven, and we want everyone to be appreciated there during these difficult times,” said Mr. Davidson in a Facebook post.

Mayor Quirk and MPP Caroline Mulroney donate 550 PPE to RGH

Last Saturday, MPP Caroline Mulroney and Mayor Margaret Quirk also dropped-off a donation of PPE for RGH staff.

Both Ms. Mulroney and Mr. Davidson, and their constituency offices, have been actively lobbying behind the scenes to get more support for RGH.

“In the past week, I have heard of the tremendous work of frontline staff at River Glen Haven. I am grateful for their tireless efforts to keep our community and loved ones safe,” said Ms. Mulroney in statement emailed to The Post.

“My heart goes out to the residents and families that are affected and I want to thank the people of Georgina for their support during this time.”

Car parked at local motel


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