Heather Scott without and with wig

By: Michelle Poirier

Heather Scott, a resident of Sutton, has created, Helper Hair Box, a subscription box filled with things to help women and children who suffer from hair loss.

Mrs. Scott has had alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that usually results in unpredictable, patchy hair loss, since she was three years-old and does not have any hair on her head.

Since opening her online wig boutique, Pretty Wigs to You, she said she has had a lot of parents reach out for advice and support for their children who have hair loss.

“When they couldn’t afford a wig for their child then I would personally donate it to them. And then I’d include little fun things inside the box for the children, something just to boost their spirits and little notes of positivity for them, and that’s how the box got started,” she said.

Mrs. Scott said after she saw there was nothing like a subscription box specifically for hair loss on the market, she decided to create it. She started a Kickstarter to fund the project and has surpassed her goal of $7,000.

The boxes are customizable, she said. For children there will be things like hats, scarves and other items to boost their self confidence.

Sample contents of children’s box

The women’s boxes will have things like makeup, temporary eyebrow tattoos, helper hair and a motivational book. There will also be an option for women who choose not to wear any kind of hair.

Women’s box

For every six boxes purchased, Mrs. Scott will donate one box to a child; and for every 12 boxes purchased, she will donate one wig to a child.

She said she has been getting a lot of support for the project, and has even had people from outside of the hair loss community purchasing boxes to be donated to a child or charity of their choice.

The Kickstarter will be live until July 30, and any money raised over the goal will go towards the project. You can pledge at www.kickstarter.com

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