By Michelle Poirier

Midway rides, truck and tractor pulls, and a demolition derby are just some of the popular events expected to attract record crowds as the Sutton Fair and Horse Show returns for its 165th season after a two-year pause due to the pandemic.

This year’s full-scale fair will run for four days on August 4, 5, 6, and 7, and the theme is Cowboy Boots and Country Roots.

“We’re glad we’re back, and we hope that nobody forgot about us,” said Jason Kay, the fair’s president, who promises fun for the whole family.

According to Victoria Pike, one of the fair’s directors, dozens of volunteers have been working hard completing repairs, cutting the grass, and painting the fences to get the grounds ready.

“The Sutton Fair and Horse Show has been part of the community for over 160 years due to the efforts of dedicated volunteers. This tradition continues today,” said Kevin and Sandra Hutchings, owners of Hutchings Farm in Pefferlaw, who have been volunteering with their four kids.

“Every Wednesday night, volunteers, including their kids, meet at the fairgrounds to get the grounds ready for the fair. We want to instil in them the importance of giving back to the community. It’s the only way the fair and many other community events will continue.”

Tractor pull

Pike said they are thrilled to have the fair back this year, and there are many events to get fairgoers excited.

“We have Aqua Dogs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which is a featured event that we do not have every year,” she said.

They’ll also run the truck and tractor pull on Thursday evening and the demolition derby on Saturday evening. The midway, the agricultural events and the home craft exhibits are also open during the four days.

“With my two small children, we love visiting the home craft exhibit, there’s the kids’ corner, there’s photography entries, there’s baking, there’s vegetables, horticultural, and flowers,” she said.

Pike said the entries to the different categories would be judged on Thursday morning. So when the fair opens that afternoon, everyone will be able to see how the contestants did.

“Come to the fair; you won’t be disappointed,” she said.

Advanced adult day passes are available for $10 each at Sutton and Keswick Home Hardware until August 3, along with midway passes for $40 each that allow one person to ride all midway rides for one day; passes are not available during the fair.

Further information on the fair and this year’s prize book can be found on their website



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