Georgina was “unofficially” deemed Ontario’s food truck capital this summer by the Culinary Tourism Alliance, which works with communities to grow food tourism.

It’s great publicity for our local food trucks, which serve everything from burgers and fries to pizza, poutine, and even deep-fried pickles!

So why are these same food trucks, celebrated by the Culinary Tourism Alliance, banned from operating in Georgina’s waterfront parks?

It’s a head-scratcher, especially since the Town imposed a cooking ban this summer in all of its waterfront parks — not only can you not cook your own hot dog, you can’t buy one either.

Locals have told us that this wasn’t always the case. In years past, beach-goers could choose from a cornucopia of delectable treats at concession stands, including ice cream and popcorn.

So why is the Town playing hardball with local food trucks? Because apparently, it’s waiting for Council to approve the Waterfront Parks Master Plan before it can update its bylaws

It seems odd that local businesses, who have been hit hard by the pandemic, must wait for an update to a bylaw before they can sell to thousands of day-trippers who flock to our waterfront parks and are literally starving.

After all, this summer, food vendors have already been allowed in De La Salle Park for special events, like the Georgina Marathon, and an ice cream truck was operating in Jackson’s Point Parkette for the Painted Perch Festival.

The Park Division’s decision to ban cooking was made without approval from Council; it was an operational decision.

Why can’t it do the same for local food trucks and vendors, so they can sell their food at the beach while there is still some summer left?



  1. If I remember correctly didn’t the Town of Georgina own and run the concession stands at our municipal parks that were staffed by summer students? Pretty sure there was one at Delle La Salle, Lorne Park, & Willow Beach. but I can’t recollect the years it ran or if it was in the black though. Even if it broke even it would still be a great summer jobs program that supports our parks. Can anyone else confer that it was the Town running the stands?


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