The Optimist Club of Keswick’s Facebook page proclaims: “Promise yourself to look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.” 

And, this was certainly the case on Saturday, at Whipper Watson Park in Keswick, for the club’s annual Unplugged in the Park event. 

While dark clouds threatened rain, more than 100 kids and their parents decided to look for a silver lining and got on with the job of having fun in the fresh air.

“The whole object of this is to get kids out and get them unplugged from their devices. No phones! I’m the only one allowed with a phone,” says Amy Davies, a lead volunteer with the club.  “Get them in the fresh air, get them out of the house and experience everything we have to offer today.”

And there was a lot on offer, from carnival games to martial arts demonstrations.

York Regional Police also gave kids a chance to sit on a police motorcycle, or in the backseat of a squad car – hopefully, that experience won’t be repeated in later life.  

And of course, there were hot dogs, snow cones and cotton candy

If you would like to volunteer with the Optimist Club of Keswick, please visit their website.

Here are a few pics from the day.

Brother Braden and sister Brooklyn share a seat on police motorcycle
Chloe and her dad Josh
Sandy Millett enjoys some cotton candy behind bars.
Ivy, 6, has more cotton candy than her dad?
Ema, 3, won’t give up until she catches a fish!
Lilly, 11, serves a refreshing glass of lemonade
Chloe, 5, loves lily pad leap
Annalee, 8, packs a punch
Di Solitar & Cynthia Cordova cooks up some franks!
Junior Optimists Tristan, 13, and Emily, 12, help out with the event.


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