By: Mike Anderson

Who wouldn’t enjoy a steak burrito, fish taco or pulled-pork sandwich from a gourmet food truck on a lovely summer day at the beach?

Well, that may soon be a reality in Georgina, after the Town recently updated its by-law regulating food vendors on municipal land, including parks and beaches.

However, there’s a little bit of a problem. The new by-law runs about 21 pages. And, that’s too much red tape for some food vendors.

Recently, CountryFest patrons at The ROC were denied several delicious food options because one of the food trucks couldn’t make it — the necessary paperwork wasn’t filed in time.

“Sadly we could not join the event,” said Sia, the owner of the Road Grill Food Truck, which serves gourmet burritos, burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches — that incidentally has a five-star rating on Yelp.

Sia says he was not able to be at CountryFest because he couldn’t get a criminal background check completed in time — one of the requirements of the new by-law.

“The police report is something absolutely unnecessary when a food truck company has already obtained a master business license,” said Sia, in an email to The Post. “It’s already part of that process.”

Sia also says that while a health permit is a normal requirement for most events, the city permit does not make sense when its a festival, like CountryFest, or some private function.

The good news is that two other food trucks were able to make the event. Both Vince’s BBQ and Mister Soft Treats, an ice cream truck, paid their license fees and completed their paperwork in time.

But it would have been nice to nosh on a delicious Philly Steak Burrito from the Road Grill Food Truck while listening to the Daybreak Moonshine Band or Dustin Bird.

If you’re a food truck operator that would like to service Georgina’s parks and beaches, contact the Town’s Director of Recreation and Culture, 905-476-4301.



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