By: Mike Anderson

Regional Councillor Rob Grossi may be under investigation by the Town’s Integrity Commissioner for allegedly breaching the Town’s code of conduct during a recent special council session on the Lake Drive Jurisdiction issue, according to several unnamed sources.

Mr. Grossi, who is currently out of town attending the Association of Ontario Municipalities AGM and Conference in Ottawa, was asked by the Post to confirm whether or not he is the subject of the investigation.

Mr. Grossi responded in an email that ADR Chambers Inc., the company hired by the Town in 2018 to provide integrity commissioner services,  has instructed him to reply: “No comment.”

He also added: “I wish I could say more, and I will when the time comes, but unfortunately, I am bound.”

The special council session in question was held on July 24th to review a recommendation made by Town solicitor, Andrew Biggart to move forward with property appraisals for the lakeside lots the Town wants to sell to eligible indirect lakefront property owners.

While Mr. Grossi owns an indirect lakefront property on Lake Drive, he failed to disclose this fact during the start of the session when members of the council are expected to disclose any pecuniary interest they believe may exist.  

He then went on to propose a motion that would see a nominal value attached to the disputed lands, rather than a “fair market value” appraisal advocated by Mr. Biggart.  However, Mr. Grossi later withdrew that motion.

In the end, the council voted to approve the appraisals, which were due to be completed in time for public information sessions scheduled for the fall.

However, the Integrity Commissioner’s investigation will now delay this process. 

A Town Council meeting scheduled for Sept 24th to review the results of the appraisals will now be postponed until the investigation is concluded – which could take up to 90 days, according to Dave Reddon, the Town’s CAO.



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