By: Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

Think twice before you put out your recyclables in the blue box. You might be able to create an artwork with it and win a prize!  Yes, art and recycling go hand in hand. All over the world, galleries big and small are opening their doors for such innovation and creativity, and Jackie Diasio, a volunteer at the Georgina art gallery, decided that it is time for our gallery to join the ranks! 

Our community embraced the challenge. For our first TRASH TO TREASURE competition, adult participants submitted over thirty works, and children created over twenty fantastic art pieces. You can see them all at the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery and the Sutton Library. You will be amazed to see what can be designed out of plastic bottles, scraps of metal, cardboard and the likes, by an ingenious mind. 

Turning trash to art grabbed the attention of many local organizations and businesses. They generously sponsored three awards. The representatives of Lake Simcoe Gardeners voted for the most creative art piece to grace your backyard; the Georgina Historical Society deliberated which work made out of antique parts was the most imaginative; Team Peroff Real Estate had a hard time choosing the best-of-show. You can pick your favourite, too! Just contact the Georgina gallery for details. 

Recycled art is a challenge–and it’s fun! You can express your emotions and, at the same time, show concern for the environment. So, rummage through your shed, garage, basement and start creating. We hope next year the TRASH TO TREASURE competition will bring even more participants

All artworks are displayed at the Georgina gallery, and will also be exhibited at the Harvest Festival on September 14. Winners will be announced on September 29 at 1 pm at the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery. Come to the GAC and vote for your favourite piece! Contact the GAC for details at (905) 722-9587.

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