By: Ewa Chwojko

Home is the comfiest place to be said Winnie the Pooh. Jennifer Zsolt, a Georgina artist, agrees. Her paintings of charming Georgina houses basking in sunshine make you smile, and perhaps conjure a story about their past history. Old farmhouses, tiny cottages, mysterious dwellings at the end of winding lanes sparked the artist’s imagination, and urged her to capture their allure on canvas.

Jennifer Zsolt

A farm dweller, an animal lover and a sensitive soul, Jennifer sees beauty in all that surrounds her. Under her paintbrush, familiar places are shown in a new light.  A cluttered kitchen or an old barn suddenly look precious because the artist bestowed all her loving attention on them.

While Jennifer Zsolt’s paintings show the exquisiteness of rural places and landscapes, Tom Zsolt’s black and white photographs capture the disappearing world. Abandoned houses, half-ruined barns, forgotten dwellings overgrown with weeds catch his attention. Tom has been documenting the changing land, people and lifestyles in rural Ontario, especially in Georgina, for over 30 years.

Tom Zsolt

But is not just for Georgina that he has created his photographs! He is internationally known.  In 2009, his photograph Niagara Falls was selected as the poster image for an extended 10-city tour of China, following a major Canadian exhibition in Beijing, entitled Canadian Cameras at Work.

For the first time this husband and wife team is giving us a joint exhibition, an exhibition where we can admire the painted reality of Georgina houses side by side with the photographed images of days gone by.  

IMAGES OF HOME, TWO PERSPECTIVES. Paintings by Jennifer Zsolt and photographs by Tom Zsolt at the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery. Exhibition dates:  March 1  – April 5.

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