By: Michelle Poirier

This Easter will be different than most, due to COVID-19 and social isolation, but one local business is doing what they can to bring the Easter Bunny to the community.

Crystal Pangman, owner of Showcase Costume Rentals, and her mom Laurie Pangman-Carriere, may be uncertain about the future of their business due to the pandemic but they are doing what they can to lift spirits by bringing the social distance Easter Bunny to children staying inside.

“The social distance Easter Bunny will continue travelling … to spread Easter cheer, to fill Easter with awesome smiles, giggles, grins, laughter and amazing dancing,” Laurie Pangman-Carriere said on her Facebook page.

The mother and daughter have been driving up and down roads in Georgina honking, playing music and making stops in hopes that children will wave from their windows or porches. They have been spreading the joy for the past few weeks with the Easter Bunny and other popular characters, abiding by social distancing rules.

Jane Norris, resident of Georgina, said her neighbour knocked on her door to let the family know the Easter Bunny had arrived. 

“My younger daughter came to the door. She was so excited she jumped up and down saying the Easter Bunny is coming. There was music playing in the Easter Bunny’s van and she started dancing along and waving to the bunny. They stayed for a few minutes then continued on there way,” she said.

The Easter Bunny was declared an essential service provider by Ontario Premier Doug Ford on April 7.

The formal declaration reads the Easter Bunny “is an essential service provider and will be authorized to deliver Easter chocolate, candy and related treats to the children of Ontario.”

However, the order prohibits the Easter Bunny from delivering treats in “parks, playgrounds and all other outdoor recreational amenities.”

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