Beaver eating Virgin’s bower

By Jay Thibert

North Durham Nature is excited to feature the highly respected naturalist, natural history author and nature photographer, Michael Runtz, on our April 27 webinar.

Mr. Runtz has a deep connection to Algonquin Provincial Park and is sure to provide a feast of information and visuals during his presentation

His association with Algonquin spans nearly 50 years. He has explored the far corners of this famous park and has interacted with, and intimately photographed many of the wild species found there. 

He hosted the international television series Wild by Nature, authored and illustrated 14 natural history books, including Algonquin Wild and Dam Builders: The Natural History of Beavers and their Ponds.    

In addition, he has written more than 1,100 natural history articles for newspapers and magazines. When not roaming the wilds, Mr. Runtz teaches Natural History and Ornithology courses at Carleton University.

Please register by e-mail at if you are interested in attending.

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Eastern Wolf Pups howling
Black Bear standing
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