By Michelle Poirier

The Georgina Roller Derby League (GRDL) celebrated the installation of the new permanent roller derby track at the Ice Palace in Keswick during the ribbon cutting on May 28. 

The track has been a long time coming as the team use to have to chalk the track out and they were given the okay by the Town to permanently paint the track before the pandemic. 

“Now that things are re-opening [the Town] kept that promise. And so, we came in and spent the day and did it. The Town’s been fantastic and so, we’d like to thank them. They’ve been very supportive of us,” Michelle Vacca, GRDL Founder and President, said. 

Mayor Margaret Quirk attended the ribbon cutting and said the track was wonderful. 

“There’s so much potential for growth. The team and all that they want to bring to the town. The learn to skate program, that’s impressive. The potential to do more and become an economic driver in terms of people coming from all over, teams coming from all over. This is great, I’m really excited for them,” Mayor Quirk said.

Testing out the track!
Georgina Roller Derby League

Vacca said they had a lot of plans pre-pandemic that had to be postponed or changed, including games, scrimmages, public skate nights and the junior league.

“Now that this moment has come, where the track is actually here, it’s enabled that to happen now,” she said.  

They have started their Learn to Skate program and Vacca said it has been very popular. 

“We get the most amazing people at all different skill levels, some who have never skated before, to some who use to roller skate back in the day and it’s been a while,” she said. 

The current program has already started, but Vacca said they are planning to have another in January or February.  

They have also started a junior division.

“We just started, the kids are really good, they catch on really quick,” Stephanie Davies, President of Georgina Junior Roller Derby League, said. 

Vacca said they are focusing on practicing and getting back on their feet after two years of being unable to play due to the pandemic. 

“We’re going to need some time, but when we’re ready, I can promise you we are going to fill every one of these seats and bring the most awesome derby to Georgia that you can imagine, as well as just fun recreational roller skating,” she said.

“We had big plans, we are really prepared to hit the floor running, or rolling, but we have to get back at a certain level, we don’t want to put our skaters in any sort of danger.” 

For more information of the GRDL or their programs you can contact them at or on the Georgina Roller Derby Facebook page.



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