By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

Cold plunging is trending! Celebrities around the world do it, and a group of Georgina residents enjoy it too!

On a chilly Sunday morning (air temperature -3°C, water temperature 5°C) Andrea Staples led a group of ‘polar bears’ into the frigid waters of Lake Simcoe at Willow Beach Park.  

About two minutes later they run back to the shore. All laughing, hugging, and exclaiming that it felt like an electric shock.

“I wanted to join or start a group for a cold-plunge because it is more fun when you do it together,” says Andrea. “It’s a way to meet like-minded people and keep each other motivated.”


In September, Andrea posted a call on social media, and an informal group of frigid plunge enthusiasts formed. Some are here for the adrenaline rush; others mention mental and physical benefits.

“It’s a way to focus on here and now,” says Andrea. “It’s good for your happiness. Not to mention health benefits such as improved circulation.”

Did you know that the journey to modern cold plunging began around 3,500 BCE in Egypt. The ancients developed a whole science around it, and our own century is taking a new interest in it.

Andrea’s Simcoe Swim Club (@simcoeswimclub) plans to have another cold dip in December. Come along, meet people you don’t know, and break the ice with them!  



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