By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

Georgina, with its stunning landscapes and a community dedicated to protecting the environment, is just the right place for an eco-fashion show.

A magical event, blending fashion, art, and eco-friendliness, emerged from the creative mind of Gabi von Gans. 

Best-known for artistic photography, she is also a singer, a model, an author, and a designer. She loves the outdoors and wildlife, and cares about the environment.  When all her artistic talents mixed with her passion for nature, this spectacular event was born.  

Von Gans says, “It’s been my dream since childhood to create fashion. While I’ve been both in front of and behind the camera, this marks a special moment in my journey – the first time I see my own designs gracing the runway.” 

While the dream had been in her head for some time, the idea sprang into action during the lockdown. Gabi couldn’t snap shots of people, so she settled for nature as her supermodel.

The true show-stealer was a family of foxes who decided to call her backyard home. Their charming antics now grace many of her fabulous designs from kitchen aprons, pillows, and towels, to dresses and shirts!  

Gabi’s wearable art, from red carpet glamour to sporty chic, is proudly Canadian-made and crafted from recycled fabrics. Our local models rocked the runway like pros to the live guitar tunes of Rob Mullen Jr., Steve Lipscome and Wayne O’Brien. If you missed the action, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered online!

Check it out here: