By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley 

Connors Music is a family-run business in the heart of our community. In this remarkable family, everyone has musical talent, and over two decades ago three family members, Joe, John and David, formed the band called the Connors Brothers, joined later by Melissa Harrigan. 

The band tours Canada and Europe extensively, but no matter how far they go they end up back home in Georgina.

From rocking big stages to spreading cheer in the Sutton Santa Claus parade they bring their tunes everywhere with a truckload of smiles and enthusiasm! 

Their musical style spans folk, Irish, blues, rock, and funk. Their songs celebrate Canada, making it feel like one big family. The latest album, aptly titled ‘Family Album,’ delves even deeper into this theme, focusing on the bonds within a close-knit family. 

Family Album launch helt at ClearWater Barn on November 25

Joe Connors says, “In this album, we’ve included songs that hold a special place in our hearts, reflecting our experiences as family members and individuals with our own families. The themes touch on parenting and relationships.”  

John Connors adds, “It’s like having a family photo album, but instead of pictures, it’s a collection of songs. Every song has a story behind it, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic.” 

The music, whether on CD or as a download, comes with a genuine photo album filled with the Connors’ own family pictures and stories.

“We hope listeners experience this music album like flipping through a photo album—reliving stories and moments. Take the time to listen to it as a whole, just as you would with cherished memories.”  

The musicians have already received lots of feedback from listeners. People say they connect easily with the stories and relate to them.

The band’s loyal fans also appreciate the musical evolution of the Connors Brothers, noting the addition of new elements, such as more fiddle tunes. 

To get all the details visit Family Album is also available on Spotify.