By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley 

Nothing says ‘community’ better than a bunch of folks clapping, stomping, and sharing good vibes together through the magic of music. 
Teilhard Frost, maestro of old-time music, created a spirit of togetherness by belting out familiar tunes and jamming on multiple instruments, including a compostable banjo!  
He kicked off the Cedar Hedge Concert Series on November 25 at Virginia United Church, brought to Georgina by Matt Large, a musician and music presenter.

Matt Large returned to Georgina from Montreal about a year ago with the desire to sprinkle a bit of that musical magic right here in our community. His goal is to unite and energize Georgina through a shared love for live music. 
The series focuses on traditional country, blues, blue grass, gospel, soul, and old-time music with guitars, fiddles, banjos, and voices.  
Large says, “I have been touring as a blue grass musician for over 30 years, and in that time, I have been lucky to make friends with some of Canada’s finest performers. When it came time to select musicians to perform in our new series, I turned to those friends first.”  
After Teilhard Frost, we will enjoy Ken Whiteley, Zachary Lucky, The Barrel Boys, John Showman, and Chris Coole.  
Deirdre Range from the Virginia United Church community was instrumental in bringing the Cedar Hedge Concert Series to this cozy venue. She says, “I grew up with folk music; it’s my passion. I go to concerts in various places, so I am thrilled to now have it right here, at home.” 

Deirdre Range & Matt Large
Sue Williams, country music fan

Sue Williams, a concert-goer, adds, “It’s a joyful experience! There’s nothing like the sound of those old, simple, often nearly forgotten instruments. I also love the friendly atmosphere, the stories, the laughter.”   

Get ready for some more musical magic on Saturday, December 16! 

Ken Whiteley, who has recorded over 32 albums, will bring the folk, blues, and gospel vibes. With a trophy shelf full of prizes, including a Canadian Folk Music Award, seven Juno nominations, and Lifetime Achievement Awards from various folk festivals, he’s all about making connections. 

He loves getting folks singing along with him, so be ready for a musical joyride!  
The Cedar Hedge Concert Series take place once a month until April 2024. All concerts begin at 7 p.m. Tickets can be reserved by emailing, online through the Facebook page at “Matt Large Presents,” or by calling Deirdre Range (514) 916-9225.