By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

One sunny July weekend at ClearWater Farm, a remarkable event unfolded: it blended High Tea party fun, the unveiling of a new gathering space, playfully named ‘Believers Bend Garden,’ and the launch of a multi-platform positive ecotainment experience for kids, called FUTURE CHICKEN.

A common thread bound them together – the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, a monarch with a green thumb.

The special guest, the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, during one of her last official visits, unveiled the new gathering space inspired by the works of King Charles. She remarked, “Dedicating this garden to celebrate his Coronation is most fitting, as he is renowned for his unwavering commitment to preserving our planet.”

Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell with FUTURE CHICKEN. Photo Tom Sandler
Annabelle Rotondo with the Lt Gov of Ont. Photo Tom Sandler
Lauren Cosulich and Aubree Husbands. Photo Tom Sandler
Ella and Olivier Assiah with the save the planet artwork they presented to Annabel Slaight. Photo Tom Sandler

Annabel Slaight, the founder of the Ontario Water Centre at Clearwater Farm and a pioneer in children’s publishing, constantly seeks out exciting ways to engage young minds. The latest addition at ClearWater is the multi-platform FUTURE CHICKEN.


Slaight states, “It’s hard to imagine a bright future, considering today’s challenges, but the future can only be bright if we remain positive and take positive action. We want to provide kids with the tools to connect with each other, to become part of a global family of children, and have fun while they contribute to saving the world.”

Slaight, passionate about encouraging a love of nature in youngsters, adds, “Children play a significant role in ClearWater programming and events. Our latest educational initiative is created for kids 6-11. It provides planet-positive interviews, short videos, games, and fun activities.”

The place buzzed with excitement as kids, donning their self-crafted crowns and fancy hats, nibbled on themed cookies. Among them, Rosie and Lucy joyfully chimed in, “We love coming to ClearWater Farm to do crafts and to learn about nature!”

Amanda Gordon with Rosie & Lucy

Their mom, Amanda Gordon, owner of Cloverhill Flowers, could not agree more. “I am impressed by this elegant tea party, enjoyed by kids and adults. Celebrating the coronation on the farm is delightful, especially since the King is known for his love of nature.”

Guided by King Charles’ spirit and fueled by the passion of the people at ClearWater Farm, the journey to a greener future march on, one positive action at a time!

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