What can you do to lessen the financial burden on middle-class families? 

The tax burden on all Canadians is excessive. The People’s Party of Canada tax plan is simplified and easy to understand. Instead of waiting for a tax credit, you’ll know how much tax you’re paying based on your income. This will leave more money in your pocket rather than taking it out and giving it back to you later. We’ll end supply management and fix interprovincial trade barriers which are significant hurdles causing inflated prices of everyday staples.

What will you do to make homeownership more affordable?

Urban growth outside of metropolitan areas is at a point where supply doesn’t meet demand. We need to make housing more affordable in metropolitan cities to stem the outward flow. Can we reduce the tax burden on land transfer taxes? Is it a question of capital gain adjustment or lowering mortgage interest rates? Mass immigration also triggers an unstable supply and demand. As well, foreign speculation creates market destabilization. We propose a large tax on speculators as a deterrent.  

What will you do to ensure more rural residents have access to high-speed internet services? 

We need to create more competition in the sector providing our communication systems. The added competition could spur growth in rural areas for new businesses in telecommunications. This would result in reduced costings for people who use their systems. We believe that new infrastructure would create a competitive environment benefitting rural areas.

What other infrastructure projects will you push for York-Simcoe? 

We need to reduce the burden of traffic in our urban settings. The 400-404 connection is a long-term project that we need to progress quickly. Previous governments have let this project fall through the cracks. The province now wants to reassess the 2002 environmental study. The People’s Party wants to get projects like this moving forward. More in-depth urban planning is needed for the growing population in order to reduce strain on existing infrastructure such as sewage and water supply.

What will you do to ensure rapid urban growth does not impact the health of Lake Simcoe? 

We need to work with federal and provincial environmental agencies to draw a hard line where our urban development needs to stop. Unchecked urbanization will have a negative impact on Lake Simcoe’s ecosystem. The People’s Party believes in smaller government. Currently, this area is managed by three different environmental agencies, creating red tape. This is one of Canada’s largest water conservation areas and deserves the attention of a dedicated body of specialists.

What is the best way to combat climate change? 

Our first step is to stop calling it an emergency or crisis. The People’s Party will withdraw from the Paris Accord, ending billions of dollars in subsidies for inefficient ‘green technology.’ Countries that produce excessive amounts of greenhouse gases need to be held accountable for their industries’ pollutants. It’s imperative that we focus foremost on Canada’s environmental concerns.We need to prioritize implementing practical solutions to ensure clean air and water for all Canadians, particularly those residing in remote First Nations communities.

What is your stance on Canada’s current immigration levels?

The People’s Party believes that Canada should decide how many immigrants, and from where immigration takes place, and not rely on an unelected body to dictate to us. The aim of immigration should be to benefit Canada economically. We need to substantially reduce the number of immigrants from 350,000 to 100,000-150,000. Continued mass immigration will lead to economic and social strain which Canada cannot afford. Since 2017, 45,000 migrants have crossed the border at unregulated crossings. We’ll end open borders policy and withdraw from the UN Global Compact for Migration.

Why do you think you should represent York-Simcoe? What can you bring to the table?

I’m not a career politician. My motivation is to see Canada prosper and maintain our core identity. Our voice as Canadians is being drowned out by globalist agendas. We must be unified in our voice to maintain our sovereignty. As an immigrant, I have become Canadian. I value the freedoms, respect, and fairness that I have been granted. Values that are worth protecting for this generation and the next. The People’s Party of Canada platform is the only one that can achieve this goal.

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