What can you do to lessen the financial burden on middle-class families? 

The Liberal government has made historic investments over the past four years to help lessen the financial burden on middle-class families. We’ve reduced federal taxes for 9 out of every 10 Canadians, and the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadian families. There is more to be done, which is why we have committed to increase the CCB, cut taxes for Canadians who earn less than $147,000 per year, and reduce cell phone bills across the country.

What will you do to make homeownership more affordable?

A Liberal government will make homeownership easier for families with the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, which will help Canadians save up to 10% on the price of a new home. We’re also going to crack down on foreign speculation, which is artificially driving up the prices of homes in Canada. What happens nationally affects us locally. Our region is becoming a destination for people because of the high cost of housing in urban centres.

What will you do to ensure more rural residents have access to high-speed internet services? 

This is very important, and as the costs for internet and cell phones decrease through Liberal policy, the extension of broadband and fiber optics needs to be pushed forward. I am more than happy to take this on, I understand the value of connectivity for business owners, farmers, students, and seniors, especially when you live in rural or remote areas of Canada.

What other infrastructure projects will you push for York-Simcoe? 

We absolutely need to look at the question of transportation as more people move into this riding from urban centres. Roads are being impacted and space considerations are becoming more significant. Working together at every level is vital. Federally, we have a responsibility to transport. We need more money to flow into our region to accommodate growing needs and population increases. I will do my part to argue for this attention.

What will you do to ensure rapid urban growth does not impact the health of Lake Simcoe? 

This is SO important! I sat on the Lake Simcoe Science Committee to ensure discussions were inclusive and future-oriented. Increasing development is impacting the quality of the lakebed and waters. We have reduced excessive phosphorous by increasing public awareness, but we need to end excessive use of road salt and consider greener alternatives. We need to restart the expired Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund as well. On Georgina Island, we are considering a “re-wilding” project and summer job creation for youth to monitor effluents around Lake Simcoe.

What is the best way to combat climate change? 

A re-elected Liberal government will immediately commit Canada to legislation to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The best way to combat anything is to increase public knowledge of impacts. This I can do, as I am accustomed to public speaking and urging others to listen and learn. We must create a reason for people to be mindful about the environment, I think kids are doing a great job in bringing this to the forefront. We can start by supporting their efforts financially and socially.

What is your stance on Canada’s current immigration levels?

My stance is to welcome and face the reality of prepared integration. Increasingly, we’ll have environmental refugees coming to Canada along with migrants and immigrants. We have a vast land to support and protect. Bringing in more people to contribute is wise, but even wiser is preparing the ground for where these people will go and what they will do. We are not a self-contained nation. How will Canada comport itself on the world stage? We all have a responsibility to ensure we do a great job of nation building.

Why do you think you should represent York-Simcoe? What can you bring to the table?

I am a trained speaker, teacher, and people person with a doctorate in anthropology. I truly appreciate cultural differences and celebrate diversity. I have lived in this riding for 16 years. As an only child of a single mom in Toronto, I understand poverty, and I understand how hard it is to be heard. I have learned how to deal gracefully with adversity. I am a strong woman from a strong family, with a great husband, four healthy children, and three much-loved pets. 



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