What can you do to lessen the financial burden on middle-class families? 

Knocking at the door, I’m hearing that people are having a tough time getting by. Liberals have raised taxes, racked up deficits, and made life more expensive. Canada’s Conservatives will bring a Universal Tax Cut, saving the average family $850 per year (on average) as well as benefiting lower-income families. We’ll reintroduce children’s art and fitness tax credits, remove GST from home heating, and scrap the carbon tax. We’ll cut red tape to compete globally, but not cut environmental laws. Capital is very fluid in our global world. Everyone wants new growth. Being efficient and nimble are very important.

What will you do to make homeownership more affordable?

First-time homebuyers are unnecessarily prevented from accessing mortgages. Canada’s Conservatives will remove the stress test for mortgage renewals to give homeowners more options. We’ll increase the amortization period from 25 to 30 years for first-time homebuyers. There’s a ton of surplus federal real estate available for development which will help with housing supply. We’ll also launch an enquiry into money laundering in Canada’s real estate sector.

What will you do to ensure more rural residents have access to high-speed internet services? 

We need to have federal dollars flow into rural internet services. We have to look at internet infrastructure like we do highways and rural roads. As small business owners, farmers need basic services. They employ large amounts of people across Canada. People shouldn’t be punished because of where they live. We have to work with regulators to ensure that rural Canada is not forgotten.

What other infrastructure projects will you push for York-Simcoe? 

We just announced the Bradford Bypass in conjunction with the province. I’m pleased Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation, has officially approved the project. It remains the most critical infrastructure project in this riding. I will work to secure federal funding to make sure the project gets built as soon as possible. The diminishing number of healthcare facilities in our community is also a key concern. I believe the federal government has a leadership role in supporting public health care in our community, and I will work with the province to find a solution.

What will you do to ensure rapid urban growth does not impact the health of Lake Simcoe? 

Canada’s Conservatives have made a commitment federally to provide $30 million over four years to clean up and protect Lake Simcoe. We are the only federal party committed to restoring the Lake Simcoe fund which was cancelled by the Trudeau Liberals. That was a big issue in the by-election: people in the riding weren’t happy about the cancellation. The Lake Simcoe Clean-up Fund will help restore over 200 community projects including tree planting, embankment stabilization, and phosphorus level reduction.

What is the best way to combat climate change? 

We have a comprehensive plan outlining how we envision moving forward on the environment. Big emitters need to invest in green technology. Canada needs to assume a leadership role in conjunction with business and take climate change global. This is a global problem. We will invest in green technology and move forward in partnership with business. We will also remove the carbon tax, which is a tax plan, not an environmental plan.
What is your stance on Canada’s current immigration levels?

Our party is committed to immigration levels consistent with what is in Canada’s best interest. We’ll restore fairness and compassion to the immigration system. We’ll have an emphasis on economic immigration and work to end illegal border crossings. I believe in supporting private sponsorship programs that are grassroots and community-based. We don’t need a whole other government bureaucracy. We have to plan better for this growth that we know is coming. Planning is everything.

Why do you think you should represent York-Simcoe? What can you bring to the table?
I’m a small-town entrepreneur. That’s what I bring that to the table. I came in on a by-election. I’ve only been in (office) 50 days. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in those days. We need people in office now that aren’t career politicians. I’ve worked 12 hours a day my whole life. That’s all I know. I believe you’ll be rewarded for hard work. One of my constituents told me at the door, “Scot, don’t take your foot off the gas.”

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