By: Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

If you want to feel a warm summer breeze, and need colour therapy on a bleak and gloomy November day, come to the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery.

Meadows will surround you and daises will smile at you. You will gasp at the intricate beauty of butterflies: Monarchs, Painted Ladies and other winged marvels.

The exhibition, which reminds us of the delicate balance in the natural world, was born out of the close friendship and collaboration of two internationally acclaimed artists, Helen Lucas and Grazyna Tonkiel. 

Lucas is a recipient of several national awards, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee award. Her paintings grace the wall of many famous galleries, including the War Museum in Ottawa.

Tonkiel’s pastel drawings of butterflies reflect her passion for these mysterious and enchanting creatures. She not only paints their exquisite portraits but also, as an expert of their biology and history, she spreads awareness of their endangered existence.

The exhibition is showing at the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery and ends on Sunday, December 8th.

Helen Lucas (artist), Marilyn Verdoold (volunteer), Grazyna Tonkiel (artist)


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