By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

The Harvestfest at Georgina Pioneer Village is a delightful journey into the past, where the simple pleasures of yesteryear come to life, thanks to the dedicated volunteers from the Georgina Historical Society. 

The heart of the festival lies in the Pioneer Village itself, a living museum that showcases the daily life of early settlers. Visitors can watch skilled crafters in period costumes demonstrating nearly forgotten tasks such as blacksmithing or basket weaving. It’s like watching a live reenactment of your great-grandma’s Instagram feed! 

Wanda O’Neill in period costume

Kids, brace yourselves to dive into the thrilling world of your grandparents’ favourite games. Say ‘goodbye’ to screens, and ‘hello’ to classics like ‘Kick the Can’ and sack races. 

TikTok celebs, take a backseat. Our local musicians are cranking out tunes that have been rocking for generations. it’s time for some good ol’ tunes that don’t require a million ‘likes’ to be awesome. 

If you’re tired of online shopping, or you miss a friendly smile and a hearty handshake, this festival is for you. Local artisans will be offering everything from exquisite handmade quilts to farm-fresh produce. 

As a bonus, a new mobile app provides historical details about each building in the village. Admission is by cash donation, allowing you to contribute what you can to support the Georgina Historical Society.  

If you’re looking for a dose of nostalgia, head on down to the Pioneer Village on Saturday, September 16, 2023.

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