York Regional Police will increase their presence in the Pefferlaw area to address increased complaints of dirt bikes operating on public roads, says Sgt. Hoyt Miller.

According to the HighwayTraffic Act and the Off Road Vehicles Act it is illegal to operate a dirt bike on public roads and fines of $110 (including taxes) can be issued to operators/owners for each infraction. Parents of unlicensed youth can also be issued a summons.

Residents in Pefferlaw say they have witnessed young people driving their dirt bikes erratically and speeding through residential streets with little regard for neighbouring properties.

“One of our biggest issues is the very noisy dirt bikes using Forestry as a speedway,” said one Woodlands subdivision resident. “We have seen many people having to jump out of the way, along with their dogs. I know kids like to have fun but it is getting out of hand. They are riding around on the roads with no supervision and I am afraid someone is going to get hurt.”

Many residents say they are reluctant to come forward fearing retribution and retaliation. They say youngsters are operating these vehicles with no license, no registration, no insurance and no respect for public and private property.

Sgt. Miller says the dirt bike issue is a problem other Georgina neighbourhoods are dealing with as well. After increased complaints in the Simcoe Landing subdivision in Keswick, he said officers have laid charges and as a result, incidents have been reduced.

Dirt bikes and ATVs are off road vehicles and currently are not allowed to operate on public roadways in Georgina. However, there is support in the community to change the laws.

In July council received an update from a working group which was formed to investigate permitting off-road vehicles on Georgina roadways. Council approved a public consultation process and directed staff to report on the results and provide updated options and recommendations by November 30, 2023.

Various municipalities around Lake Simcoe, including Innisfil, permit off-road vehicles on their public roads.

The Town reports that when considering the permissibility of off road vehicles on Georgina roadways, factors such as licensed drivers, registration, insurance, speed limits etc. will be taken into account.

The Town has posted a survey to find out if residents feel off-road vehicles should be allowed or restricted, visit www.georgina.ca/things-do/parks-trails-and-green-spaces/motorized-vehicles.