By: Mike Anderson

Is quilting a craft, or an art form?  The answer generally elicits debate.

Some say the use of a pattern precludes artistry.  

But repetition is often found in modern and contemporary art. 

And, its skillful use can provoke strong emotions, or the complete opposite – a sense of coolness, or detachment. Andy Warhol comes to mind.

But perhaps it’s best that you decide for yourself — by viewing the work of seven local textile artists, during their month-long exhibition at the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery in Sutton.

Quilted in Georgina – The Art of Textiles, which runs until August 11, features a wide variety of interesting, one-of-a-kind quilts.

Many of them are for sale and wouldn’t look out of place adorning your wall next to a favourite painting or print.    

However, unlike other art forms, they can also serve a utilitarian purpose — as a bed covering, blanket, or throw.  They can impart not only beauty, but warmth — which is a good thing in our climate.

Regina Bross
Kathleen Rodgers
Iris Weverman
Heather Johnston
Jean Stephens
Carol Wolfe
Ellen Downe
The group of seven



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