By: Mike Anderson

Two summer students, hired by the Town as waterfront attendants at Holmes Point Park, faced physical and verbal threats from an angry male beach-goer over a parking dispute on Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred in the early-afternoon when the 70-space parking lot was full and there was a lineup of vehicles to access lot.

According to the students, the man who paid for a parking spot, decided to leave the lot to purchase supplies at a nearby convenience store. 

When he returned, the students asked him to wait, as all the spots were taken. He reacted by getting out of his vehicle and charging the students with his fist raised.

“I’m going to f*** you up!” yelled the man, according to George Liapis, 18, one of the summer students.

Fortunately, the man’s family quickly interceded and attempted to calm him down.

But Mr. Liapis and his co-worker Cullen Beierl, 18, fearing for their safety, left the gate and locked themselves in Mr. Liapis’ car.

Fortunately, Mr. Liapis noticed a parked York Regional Police vehicle on Holmes Park Dr., and went to speak to the officer.  However, the YRP officer did not charge the man, instead he was given a verbal warning.  

“It was scary,” said Mr. Liapis. “If the women weren’t there to control him he might have assaulted us.”



  1. This is now a health and safety issue with the town. Your employer cannot knowingly put you in harm’s way. It will be interesting to see what the town does to correct this ever growing problem


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