On August 14th, Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney announced that the Bradford Bypass, also known as the Highway 400-404 link, will be moving forward after being shelved for over a decade.

“I am pleased to announce the province is moving forward with the Bradford Bypass after it was put on hold by the previous Liberal government,” says Ms. Mulroney in a press release to The Post.

“The first step towards making this project a reality is to review and update the Environmental Assessment that was first approved by the Progressive Conservative government in 2002.”

“Work on updating the assessment, and preparing for design and engineering, begins today. This is great news for the people of York Region and Simcoe County.”

The Bypass, approximately 16.2 kilometres of highway, linking the 400 with the 404, will pass through Bradford West Gwillimbury between the 8th and 9th lines. It’s expected to connect to the 404 north of Queensville Sideroad.

“The Bypass will relieve congestion, support planned urban development and help move goods and people,” says Ms. Mulroney.

Traffic congestion entering Bradford

“I have been advocating for this project since I was first elected. As this project moves forward, I will continue to update my constituents on its progress.” 

Ms. Mulroney personally called several local mayors prior to the official announcement, including Georgina Mayor Margaret Quirk.

“It’s certainly great news for our area,” says Mayor Quirk. “It’s not in Georgina, but this connecting link is going to be a great benefit to not only our residents that commute and travel between 404 and 400, but certainly for our business community. So this is good news for Georgina.”

Mayor Quirk also believes this announcement may kick-start further discussions about a possible extension for the 404 Highway.

“It’s definitely something that I can talk with MPP Mulroney about,” says Mayor Quirk.

“She’s aware that we’d like to have it up to Glenwoods Ave, where the business park is. That’s something that has been raised in discussions I’ve had with her. And this certainly may open the door for wider discussions on that.”



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