By: Tanya Edwards

With a new motto “Everything she wants to be,” and a new mission “To be a catalyst for girls empowering girls,” Girl Guides of Canada hopes to empower thousands of girls to become future leaders and doers in their communities.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Ricci-Lynn McDermott, Pefferlaw is about to get its first Girl Guides unit: 1st Pefferlaw Sparks/Brownies/Guides will be an official unit on September 16, 2019. 

Ms. McDermott, a business owner and busy mother of three, had been travelling to Sunderland where her daughter April attended Guides, and she volunteered as a leader. 

Ms.McDermott felt she wanted her children more connected to their own community, so she applied and was granted the first-ever unit in Pefferlaw.


With help from local moms like Jenn Jackson-Mercer, the three groups quickly filled and more volunteer leaders are needed to allow more girls to join. 

Both women were former members of Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders, and they recall having a sense community, building lifelong friendships and a sense of accomplishment growing up in these programs.  

They want their daughters and other girls in Pefferlaw to have a chance to do the same. 

Ms. McDermott explained, “It’s a whole new program called “Girl’s First” with a focus on awareness of self, community, culture and global issues. The uniforms are new, the award system is new, and the thinking is new.”

The 1st Pefferlaw Sparks/Brownies/Guides unit will be based at Morning Glory Public School, and their first event will be the popular door-to-door cookie sales scheduled for the end of September. Cookie sales help fund programs and activities like camping and attending events.

Check out their Facebook page, and if you miss your chocolate mint fix, you can also find them on October 18 and 19, in front of the Circle K & Coffee Time in Virginia, on HWY 48: Girl Guides, October 18 from 6 pm to 8 pm, Brownies and Sparks, October 19 from 11 am to 5 pm. 

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