What can you do to lessen the financial burden on middle-class families? 

GPC will create fair taxing for large corporations like Facebook and Amazon that pay zero tax through loopholes. Free post-secondary education, universal pharmacare, along with lower banking, internet, and communications fees will help families to get ahead. Developing local and green energy will build small business, create jobs, and keep our wealth within our community, rebuilding York-Simcoe’s shrinking middle class. 

What will you do to make homeownership more affordable?

GPC will enhance federal government contribution to meeting the housing needs of Canadians through direct investment, change tax policies and lending, and granting programs, putting the government’s focus where it’s needed.  Appointing a Minister of Housing to strengthen national strategy so that it meets the needs of affordable housing unique to each province and continue to work on implementation. 

 What will you do to ensure more rural residents have access to high-speed internet services? 

As a small business owner in a rural area, we continually struggle with the challenges of our internet capability and overall costs. This is a big issue for York-Simcoe residents and businesses alike.  No business should have control of a market. We need to improve infrastructure and create more competition to widen our options. This will strengthen competition resulting in lower costs and better service for the end user. 

What other infrastructure projects will you push for York-Simcoe? 

Creating solar and wind infrastructure projects in York-Simcoe will build up small business, new high paying jobs, and keep our wealth local for generations. A green economy is not only the future for Canadians but globally. We have more potential in Canada for green and sustainable energy but due to lack of leadership, are far behind in these sectors. Our power sector currently does not disperse wealth. It pollutes our air and water, warms our planet, and only allows the ultra-rich to gain wealth. 

What will you do to ensure rapid urban growth does not impact the health of Lake Simcoe? 

Lake Simcoe is a jewel within our community and for York-Simcoe residents. We need to continue to protect land from our Conservative premier and aggressive attempts at development. The Oak Ridges Moraine filters runoff to ensure our lake is clean. Lake Simcoe should be federally protected alongside the Great Lakes as it is the same watershed. Let’s be clear, we drink this water, and water is life. 

What is the best way to combat climate change? 

This is the biggest issue in our 2019 election and for our civilization. We must stand behind the science and honour our international climate agreements. Hold our politicians accountable, abolish divisive politics, stop corporate interest in our democracy, and create sustainable electricity locally. Canada has vast potential for green energy and it’s time for Canadians to demand action for our children’s future. 

What is your stance on Canada’s current immigration levels?

My father immigrated in the 70s as did most Canadians to our country who are looking for a better future for our children. As Canadians, we need to understand that we have an aging population that needs young workers to support their aging needs. With the decrease in birth rates in Canada, we require immigration to fill these roles. We need to improve methods in dispersing and including immigrants into our country and communities. 

Why do you think you should represent York-Simcoe? What can you bring to the table?

I would be honoured and grateful to work for the residents of York-Simcoe as their public servant in parliament. I was born and raised in York-Simcoe. I live on a farm and I’m a second-generation business owner. I want to inspire people to believe in our leaders and continue to make this an incredible place for generations to come. We have so much to be thankful for and need a leader who will protect it. 

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