By: Shirley Deakin

Nestled in the heart of uptown Keswick is Elpida Café & Roastery.  A warm and inviting café that serves more than a delicious latté and tasty baked goods. Every coffee is freshly roasted from organic coffee beans, sourced from fair-trade farms. 

The ambitious owners, Justin, 25, and Amanda, 24, have also been serving our local community through cash donations. These two charitable business owners have been donating a portion of their tips to school lunch programs – Lakeside Public School/ Keswick Public School. 

In September they donated to The Salvation Army, and during the month of October, they will be supporting our local food bank. The Georgina Community Food Pantry.

All donations are generated by customers’ tips.

Justin and Amanda also offer a  unique space for artists to showcase their talents. Each month an artist is selected to display their work in the café and on social media.  A terrific way to support the Georgina art community.

The idea of “paying it forward” really comes to life when you step inside Elpida Café & Roastery, 14 The Queensway S., Keswick. 

Drop by the café,  enjoy a pumpkin spice latté. You will be supporting a local business and The Georgina Community Food Pantry during the month of October.

Uptown Keswick



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