A CN freight train derailed this morning at approximately 6.45 am in Pefferlaw, Ontario, between Weir’s Side Rd and Foresty Dr.

Three CN tank cars came off the track, but remained standing. None of the tank cars were damaged. And they were empty at the time of the accident, according to Jonathan Abecassis, a senior public relations manager for CN.

“There is no danger to public safety,” says Mr. Abecassis. “No one was injured, and there were no fires and no spills.”

CN decoupled the tanker cars from the rest of the train, which was initially blocking the railway crossing at Old Homestead Rd. The train has since proceeded to its destination.


CN is currently conducting a salvage operation to repair the derailed tank cars. But, how long that will take is not clear at this time.

The exact cause of the derailment is unknown, as the accident is still under investigation, according to Mr. Abecassis.

While there was some residue in the tank cars, Mr. Abecassis was unable to confirm the exact nature of the contents. However, he says it is not a safety concern.

YRP has closed Old Homestead Rd between Weir’s Side Rd and Forestry Dr, and only local traffic will be allowed.

YRP expects the closure to last as long as the CN salvage operation continues, which it estimates to be at least eight hours.

There will also be some delays to local residents, as CN brings in heavy equipment to deal with the derailment.

Road closed between Weir’s Side Rd and Forestry Dr.



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