By: Michelle Poirier

After bringing movie magic to Georgina for 22 years through The Gem Theatre, RJ Gorman, a.k.a. Captain Cernel, is now on a mission to bring some of that magic to your home with RJ’s Popcorn.

Mr. Gorman has partnered with Offsides Bar & Grill in Keswick to set up his industrial popper and is using his secret recipe to make popcorn that has ‘straight from the movie theatre’ taste.

He then dons his Captain Cernel superhero suit, and with help from his team members, delivers popcorn to families in Georgina.

“The motivation was just to put some smiles on some people’s faces because God knows we all could use a smile today,” he said.


Mr. Gorman said the kids get super excited when they see his Captain Cernel costume.

“You show up with a bag of popcorn, you know, you’re a hero,” he said.

Brittney Kramer, resident of Keswick, ordered some of RJ’s Popcorn for her family. 

“We were all so excited. It made for a great family movie night and was so nice to taste that goodness we were all missing,” she said.

Chrissy Maude, resident of Keswick, and her daughter Bella, ordered the Family Fun sized bag of popcorn and decided to share.

“My six year old was the most excited, and even more excited to split it up and make six goodie bags to drop off to our neighbor’s porches,” she said.  

“I printed off a movie date night card, attached them to birthday bags  … we filled them with the popcorn, using gloves of course, and put enough little chocolate bars for each of their family members. 

We then just knocked on their doors and left them on their doorsteps and walked away.  As we walked away many of her little friends shouted a big giant ‘thank you’ out their windows.”

Bella loves popcorn and she’s willing to share!
Captain Cernel delivers the Family Fun Bag

It’s not just kids that can enjoy a popcorn movie night; he wants people to enjoy self-isolation movie dates.

“Send them over a date night bag and then watch the movie together on your phone,” he said.

All safety precautions are taken, gloves and masks are being worn while making and delivering the popcorn, and social distance is kept during pick up or delivery.

Mr. Gorman is offering a Date Night Bag for $7 and a Family Fun Bag for $19, the Family Fun Bag is approximately three feet high.

“I’ve had such a ride with the kids and the popcorn bag being bigger than them,” he said.

To order a bag of popcorn, send a Facebook message to RJ’s Popcorn or a text message to (416) 399-9458.

Mr. Gorman offers to pick up at Offsides Bar & Grill or free home delivery. You can pay by cash or e-transfer to

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