By: Mike Anderson

Georgina currently has 48 active cases of COVID-19 as of 5 p.m., April 30, according to York Region Public Health.

A total of 24 new cases were reported over the past four days, with 18 of them reported on April 30.

York’s COVID-19 website reports 36 of the total confirmed cases in Georgina as institutional outbreaks, with four group homes and a long-term care home being impacted.

River Glen Haven Nursing Home in Sutton is currently dealing with a major outbreak, with 19 new cases reported on April 30 — 17 residents and two staff members.

Four residents tested positive on April 27, so there are a total of 21 residents infected.

So far, the infections have been confined to the 2nd floor in the 119-bed facility, which currently provides care to 114 residents.

However, the number of positive cases may rise, as RGH is still waiting for further test results.

All staff and residents were recently tested for COVID-19 by RGH nursing staff.

This followed a provincial directive on April 21, which ordered COVID-19 testing in every Ontario nursing home, including residents and staff not showing any symptoms.

Apart from the 36 cases acquired through institutional outbreaks in Georgina, public health is reporting that eight cases were the result of close contact; three cases were local transmission; and five cases are still under investigation.



  1. good evening, the family just learned today that our brother , who has mental health problems and was actually missing for a while , was found by police at riverglen haven. he is in good health from what ii’m told now the family really wishes he’ll remain as such. all we can do is pray he is cared for properly until the virus subsides.

  2. Putting on a face covering is such a simple, considerate act. It only requires acknowledging that there is a chance that you could be carrying the virus without being aware of it. It’s just not a difficult concept to grasp. So maybe it’s not cool – so what. It’s temporary. Come on folks – give each other a chance – be the best person you can be. Wear a silly mask if it makes you feel better – and the need for masks will disappear much quicker!! We can do this.


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