By: Mike Anderson

York Region Transit bus collides with SUV at Metro & Kennedy.

A York Region Transit bus collided with a BMW SUV at the intersection of Kennedy Rd and Metro Rd N on July 25, sending at least three people to Southlake Regional Health Centre with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to Georgina Fire Chief Ron Jenkins, a total of seven people – four passengers in the SUV, including a child, the bus driver and two transit passengers – were involved in the accident.

Georgina Fire crews used extrication equipment to get the SUV passengers out, with at least three people receiving medical attention from EMS, before being transported to hospital.

According to YRP, the accident occurred just after 12 noon, when the driver of the BMW, after stopping at the stop sign, proceeded south on Kennedy Rd across the path of the bus, which was moving west on Metro Rd N.

The force of the collision spun the BMW more than 40 feet across the intersection, where it landed on Metro Lane, a side road between Kennedy Rd and Sedore Ave, parallel to Metro Rd N.

According to one witness, the bus driver attempted to warn the SUV by honking the horn at least three times before the collision occurred.

YRP Const. Vince Suri said the bus had the right-of-way. “If the bus was traveling any faster, it could have been much worse. Thankfully, it was going the speed limit.”

According to Const. Suri, the accident was caused by driver error, and a careless driving charge will be laid against the SUV driver, who was from out-of-town.

“I believe the BMW thought it was a four-way stop sign. It proceeded without taking any precautions,” he said. “The locals know the stop signs are only north and south, but people who come from out-of-town think it’s a four-way.”

Residents say that the intersection is dangerous, and there have been numerous accidents there over the years.

Dave, who lives on Sedore Ave, would like to see traffic lights at Kennedy Rd and Metro Rd N. He said that there’s been a least four accidents a summer there, over the past ten years.

Rhonda, his neighbour across the street, agrees.

“There should be some traffic lights because over the 40 years I’ve lived here, there’s been nothing but accidents right there,” she said.

“It’s Metro and Kennedy, two busy streets. And people don’t watch where they’re going—even kids when they’re walking or bicycling. And over the years, it’s just gotten worse with the population growth. Something should be done immediately, if not sooner.”



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