By: Sarah Grishpul

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) is cautioning residents to be careful while walking near unstable streambanks and waterways during the upcoming spring season. 

“Spring is quickly approaching and with warmer temperatures, people look forward to getting outdoors. Warmer temperatures, however, also usually bring rain, melting snow and shifting ice which can contribute to higher, faster flowing water in watercourses,” said LSRCA in a media release.

According to LSRCA, riverbanks and the edges of water bodies are also eroding and becoming unstable due to the melted snow. These new conditions pose a risk to residents nearby. 

Those who live close to the water are advised to move outdoor household objects away from the edge of the water in case of flooding.

People and pets venturing outdoors alongside bodies of water are recommended to stay away from the edges of waterways.

The LSRCA also cautions residents to avoid attempts to walk on water that is partially covered in ice, as there is a risk the surface may collapse.

If a person or pet has fallen through the ice, witnesses are advised to immediately contact 911 instead of putting themselves in danger to rescue the victim. 

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