By: Michelle Poirier

The Georgina Community Food Pantry has started the #GoodFoodChallenge and is asking residents to rise to the challenge of raising $100,000 in April to help them buy fresh foods.

“Food costs have gone up, and we want to make sure that if someone needs assistance that the last thing they are worried about is that their kids are hungry or that they’re feeling lethargic because the food they’re eating isn’t good,” Trish Kosar, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Georgina Community Food Pantry, said.

Ms. Kosar said they’ve named the fundraising effort the #GoodFoodChallenge because they want to focus on getting fresh and nutritious food to those in need; things like milk, eggs, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.

The food pantry spent $19,934 from January to March this year. In March alone, they provided food for 637 people, 188 of them being children and 117 seniors, which is 10 per cent higher than March of last year, Ms. Kosar said.

“We know that this year we are not going to be able to hold any of our fundraising events, so we said let us try in the month of April to challenge our community to help us help others,” she said.

The Town of Georgina is taking the challenge and has said they will match donations up to $25,000.

“We know people are struggling in our community with this very basic need. Making ends meet has become even more difficult during the pandemic for many families and individuals. We want to make sure we are doing our part to ensure everyone has food to eat and does not go hungry,” Mayor Margaret Quirk said.

“I ask if you can help; please do so. Donations, big or small, all make a difference. We all experience different challenges at different times, and we are a community who lifts each other up in times of need.”

In 2020 the food pantry raised approximately $92,000 in a similar fundraising effort, and last year they spent almost $120,000 on buying food, Ms. Kosar said.

“The community has been fantastic, from small donations of $25 to what we hope will be $25,000 from the Town; we’ve had businesses come in and donate $1,000 to $2,000 — we’ve seen the gambit. Every time I am reassured that our community is such a caring and generous community,” Ms. Kosar said.

The Food Pantry has raised $67,162 as of our publication date, and the last day to donate is Friday, April 30.

To donate, you can visit

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