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The Town of Georgina has approved a pilot program to provide driveway windrow clearing to residents who require assistance in clearing the snow windrow from their driveway and who meet a set of requirements.

A windrow is the pile of snow at the end of the driveway created by the plows when they clear the road.

The application process is now open to eligible residents. The program is scheduled to begin on Feb. 1, 2022.

“I am so pleased Council has approved this windrow clearing pilot program that will provide another level of service in Georgina,” said Mayor Margaret Quirk.

“This is a service our community needs as many seniors and people with disabilities are unable to clear the heavy windrow created by snowplows. We have an exceptional team looking after our winter maintenance program and I know the addition of this pilot project will be welcome in our community.”

Who is eligible?

All occupants of a household must be over 65 years of age, or under 65 years of age, providing all occupants of the address over the age of 12 are physically unable to remove snow.

To qualify, residents must provide a formal doctor’s note, disability certificate or Functional Abilities Form (FAF) signed by a medical practitioner identifying they are unable to shovel snow

Applicants that meet the eligibility criteria can expect to see service within 24 hours after the snow plowing of roads are completed following a minimum 7.5-centimetre (three-inch) snowfall event. 

The windrow clearing service clears snow from the end of residential driveways for one car width only (approximately seven-feet or 2.1-metres wide) and stores it within the boulevard and/or appropriate location on site.

The service does not include the clearing of snow from the private walkways to a residence, the driveway or the snow windrow left by the sidewalk plow.

The application form can be found at



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