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Georgina Fire and Rescue Services is pleased to announce it has been awarded grain rescue training and equipment by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), in partnership with G3, a grain-handling company with a port terminal facility in Hamilton.

Georgina Fire and Rescue Services is participating in BeGrainSafe (CASA’s grain safety program) this week. A total of 40 full-time and 36 volunteer firefighters will be trained in the awareness of the dangers of grain and the rescuing of a grain-trapped victim.

The BeGrainSafe program, the first of its kind in Canada, works to raise awareness, educate and train in the dangers of moving grain. The flagship resource of the program is the BeGrainSafe trailer, a mobile training and demonstration unit that allows firefighters to experience practical, hands-on grain rescue training.

“Preparing our firefighters with more experience in responding to these types of rescues enables us to assist our rural community. Firefighters will be receiving hands-on training thanks to the generous donation provided by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) and G3,” said Fire Chief Ron Jenkins.

Auger used to remove grain from rescue tube
Rescue demonstration

Training and the necessary equipment make a successful rescue happen. CASA, in partnership with G3, has provided Georgina Fire and Rescue Services with training and equipment.

“A commitment to safety is at the centre of everything we do at G3,” says G3 CEO Don Chapman. “We’re proud supporters of CASA’s BeGrainSafe program, and happy to help provide this life-saving training and equipment to first responders in southern Ontario farming communities.”

The BeGrainSafe training consists of a two-hour online theory and a second day of practical training and evaluation, with an emphasis placed on firefighters learning how to extract a person trapped in grain safely, using a cofferdam (A GSI RES-Q-TUBE) and (Haul-ALL) pencil auger.

When used in combination, the grain rescue tube creates a barrier between the victim and the grain, while the auger helps rescuers quickly move the grain away from the victim. 

The BeGrainSafe program emphasizes prevention and raises awareness on the dangers of grain, alongside preparing fire departments for grain rescues.

For more information about BeGrainSafe, including firefighter training, visit or contact CASA at 877-452-2272 or



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