By Michelle Poirier

The Town of Georgina’s annual Field-to-Table Farm Tour is returning for its 5th year on Saturday, August 20 and will include stops at eight local farms where you can learn how the food on your table is produced.

The self-guided tour will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will include stops at Clearwater Farm (1614 Metro Rd. N.), Cloverhill Flowers and Hiveshare (2554 Old Homestead Rd.), Elmgrove Farm Collective (535 Catering Rd.), Holtrop Family Farm (23091 Woodbine Ave.), Homestead Orchards (3961 Old Homestead Rd.), Hutchings Farm (8923 Morning Glory Rd.), Old Homestead Sunflowers (25139 Warden Ave.), and Rae Family Farm (25347 Stoney Batter Rd.).

Jennifer Harrison, Director of Communications and Development at Clearwater Farm, says the Field-to-Table event has always been successful for them and fits in well with its Summer Saturdays.

It provides “a connection with other local companies that produce products that we help sell at our farmstand, as well as our own fresh vegetables, but also that space where the community can come together and learn about nature, enjoy good music and good food,” she said.

Harrison says the farmstand will be a mini-market, providing offerings from Elpida Café and Roastery, Suzie Bakes, A Drop of Sunshine and other local vendors.

They will also run morning yoga, woodland discovery walks and other events for families during the event.

“Clearwater Farm is all about community, and so to have this wonderful event put on by the Town that showcases not only Clearwater Farm and what we do, but the other farms in the community is an amazing opportunity,” she said.

“Farms and farmers and farming families are small businesses in themselves, and, so to be able to have people visit and see what we do every day, and also be able to showcase those products and services is invaluable.”

Wilton McViotte & Jennifer Harrison

Amy Rae of Rae Family Farms says the event is a nice way to get to know your neighbours and see what is available locally.

“There’s a big disconnect with people understanding where their food comes from and how their food is made. Unfortunately, a lot of people think food comes from the grocery store and don’t think too far beyond that,” she said.

“It’s good for people in the area to see what local products are available, how they’re being produced, and what they can get in their own backyard.”

Rae says The Mason Place will be grilling beef burgers and sausages at her farm and visitors will be able to see some of the farm equipment and cattle barn.

“It’s a good way to connect people and farms around us, rather than having them go to the grocery store where you don’t know where your products are coming from,” she said.

“There seems to be a lot more interest in buying locally and knowing where your food is grown.”

Gwyn Holtrop, the owner of Holtrop Family Farm, says it will be a fun and informative day, with people learning more about agriculture.

“It’s a nice way for people who don’t get much interaction with farms and farmers to get that little bit of information and one-on-one personal experience. Most people don’t have farmers in their family anymore,” she said.

Holtrop says their corn stand would be open, and her husband and sons would be around to answer any questions visitors may have about farming.

The Field-to-Table event also features a tour map, available online or at the farms. You can get it punched at each stop for a chance to win a farm-fresh gift basket featuring products from the participating farms.

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