By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

The Georgina Studio Tour is fast becoming a major tourist attraction, drawing not only hundreds of local people but also visitors from Toronto, Thornhill, Aurora, and Uxbridge.

According to organizers, a revamped social media campaign contributed to this year’s success.

“We increased our social media presence. We offer high quality works, and we have huge support from our community. It all translates to success,” said Barbara Banfield, a potter and the acting Studio Tour Chair.

The 2-day event featured 12 new artists, many of whom recently moved to Georgina. They joined 32 returning artists at 30 studios located from Keswick to Udora.

Barbara Banfield, potter and acting Chair of the Georgina Studio Tour
Mary Hanson, Pasit Banjongpanith and Lee Whalen, new artists on the block

Pasit Banjongpanith, a painter, moved here in 2020 and was excited to discover that Georgina has a well-established studio tour.

“I am thrilled at the opportunity to show my art, and to meet so many of my new neighbours and fellow artists,” he said. 

Lee Whalen, a jewelry maker, moved to Georgina about the same time. She also saw it as an opportunity, after nearly two years of pandemic isolation, to meet other artists in the community.

“I joined the Studio Tour because I wanted to be a part of my new neighborhood,” she said.

“I also appreciate that the organizers invited all the participating artists to meet before the Studio Tour. I found like-minded people. I now feel connected.”

Both artists admit they did not expect to find such a big artist community here and were pleasantly surprised to see a steady stream of visitors over the weekend.  

Sabrina Chianelli

Sabrina Chianelli recently completed an art degree and decided to share her artwork in public. She was born in Georgina, and her family has lived here for generations.

No wonder most of her paintings depict the Georgina countryside: broad vistas of fields and meadows, and farms nestled in hedgerows.

“I want to show the beauty of my surroundings, to share the moments nature inspired me,” she said.

If you missed this year’s Studio Tour, the art works, studio locations, and artist profiles can be viewed at, or on Instagram @GeorginaStudioTour.

Denise Magloughlen, fiber artist and jeweler
Pat and John just bought Tod Waring’s metal sculpture


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