By Mike Anderson

The Town of Georgina is asking voters not to vote more than once after some voters received duplicate Voter Information Letters (VIL) in the mail.

The letter provides a voter with a unique pin that allows them to vote online from October 8 to 23.

According to the Town’s Clerk Division, a data error is responsible for the foul-up

“Municipalities receive their voters’ lists from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), and due to an issue in transferring the MPAC data to those lists, some Ontario residents, including some in Georgina, have received two VILs,” the statement reads.

“While this is not unique in the municipal election process, there may be a greater number of these occurrences in this election.”

The Town wants voters who receive duplicate VILs to bring the letter that matches your identification to an in-person poll to vote.

According to the Town, you can dispose of the duplicate or post it, marked “Duplicate Return to Sender,” in any Canada Post mailbox. You can also bring it to the poll and give it to an election official.

For information on how to vote, including poll locations, visit:



  1. I encourage everyone to vote in person! Scytl the election company partnered with Microsoft & secretly intelligence agencies are running the election results and have been manipulating elections since 2016. Software that’s been proven to have intelligence agency-level back-door access. One needs to be a computer scientist to even hope to detect a manipulation. Vote rigging is sometimes stuck from the last vote in these machines. Also, there is no real way to prove that a vote is legitimate online. I request a separation of the online from the physical votes in the data and the ability to decline the ballot online. The machines or tally are not supposed to be networked or connected to the internet at all but they have wifi chips in them and are susceptible to a ‘man in the middle attack’. There is a reason that machines were not able to be used legally and federally until the last few years. Bank machine manufacturers make voting machines that have fewer security features than their bank machines. Welcome to the technocratic rule of our election systems leading to a technocracy, not a democracy!


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