By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

Seniors are like the roots of the tree. They hold the family and the community together, and always offer a helping hand when needed.

On October 1, it was time to thank them, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Keswick’s Club 55.

Don Trivett (member card #1), and Doug Eaton (#18) were on the founding committee.

“The Club grew beyond our expectations. I am very pleased with what members have achieved since the Club was born. I used to run the bridge group, and I was President for many years. I am still coming to see friends,” says Eaton.

Current President, Ken Holwell says that before the pandemic there were about 600 members. Then the numbers dropped, but they are steadily growing again.

“This is a perfect place for seniors to socialise. I invite everyone,” he adds.

Karen Watson (R)

Karen Watson, one of the Club‘s directors and the Public Relations person, agrees.

“Membership costs only $20 a year, and most activities are free. For some classes there is a small fee. The activities and events bring us together and help to form friendships. And this is what matters most!”

Many members of the Club are artists, and they offer a great variety of art classes for fellow members, ranging from beginners to advanced.

Catherine Babick has been teaching acrylic and watercolour at the Club for about fifteen years.

“When I started, I was ‘younger’, and suddenly I have grey hair! Time flies when you create!” She laughs.

Catherine Babick

The members who formed the Club agree that twenty years past by with lightning speed.

Today, looking at hundreds of photographs documenting the days of fun and laughter, they know that they started a good thing which will benefit generations to come.



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