By Weichen Xu

Rain or shine, a bowl of noodles will always be PHO-nomenal.

As summer cures our seasonal depression, so does pho. This typical Vietnamese staple is a perfect meal whether you need a jump-start for your immune system or a pick-me-up on a rainy day.

The aromatic, savoury sweetness of the broth lingers in the air as the chef prepares each bowl. Steaming hot bone broth is cascaded over a bed of soft rice noodles and sliced protein and topped with a handful of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Diners will personalize their bowl to taste with squeezes of lime, slivers of red chilli, branchlets of cilantro, sprigs of Thai basil, bean sprouts, and dabs of hoisin sauce.

With the opening of Wind Pho, located at 289 The Queensway S, the family-run restaurant delivers a variety of decadent Vietnamese dishes.

After living in Keswick for 20 years, the family dreamed of opening a restaurant and was waiting for the perfect opportunity.

“We want to introduce and bring authentic Asian food to share with our community and also for the foodies, so they don’t need to drive out of town,” said owner Abby Trinh.

Their signature dishes include a variety of pho (noodle soup), bun (vermicelli), and lemongrass pork chop—all of which are family recipes.

While offering delicious cuisine, Wind Pho also caters to people with dietary restrictions. The menu offers different protein options and vegetarian alternatives for every dish. They are also open to meeting any dietary requests.

“We want everyone to feel warm and welcomed when dining with us. We love seeing familiar faces from our regular customers,” said Trinh. 

With a bowl of warm pho and an order of lemongrass pork, diners will experience the mouthwatering taste of Vietnamese cuisine.