By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley 

The inaugural Georgina Mystic Fair, held on Friday, 13th October (date Intended!), drew an impressive crowd of over 1300 attendees. It was organized by Apryl Jones, Director at Naturally Enchanted, with the help of 12 hardworking volunteers.  

Reflecting on the turnout, Jones admits, “I expected maybe a couple of hundred people to show up, so it’s truly delightful to witness the room packed with guests, shoulder to shoulder. I took on this venture because I believed that Georgina was ready for such an experience.”  

The fair featured an array of readers and healers offering tarot, tea leaf, and astrology readings, as well as reiki and reflexology sessions. Vendors showcased metaphysical and spiritual products, including handcrafted items, crystals, candles, fashion, jewelry, and more. There were 41 vendors both local and from all over Ontario. 

Apryl Jones with her husband, Cameron.

Cori Doern, one of the attendees, says, “With the sadness going on in the world, people seek a touch of spiritual solace. I came to embrace the positive atmosphere, and that really loving vibe that Geogina has. It is also a wonderful opportunity to support local businesses.”  

The long lineups of attendees in search of spiritual connection and a sprinkle of magic to uplift their spirits are a testament to the demand for an event like this.  

Ivy Henriksen.
CJ Rodgers offered palm reading.

Ivy Henriksen, owner of Life Happens, a helper and healer, had a steady flow of people stopping at her booth. Henriksen shares, “My visitors were a diverse mix. Some sought guidance on living a more fulfilling life, others were seeking comfort in times of grief, and some wanted to explore the path to love. The turnout was overwhelming, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer local support.”  

CJ Rodgers, the owner of CJs Insightful Encounters, and Lynn O’Hearn, a tea leaf reader, offered glimpses into the future. They were in such high demand that they didn’t have a moment’s rest for a full six hours! Rodgers said, “I adore the atmosphere. I’m constantly in pursuit of joy in life, and this event brings exactly that.”  

“My goal was to bring like-minded people together,” says Jones. “I also hoped to see skeptics, and the curious souls coming to explore and learn. The impressive turnout is a clear indication of the increasing yearning for healing and happiness.” 

The Georgina Mystic Fair exceeded all expectations. Everyone left with a touch of magic in their hearts and a renewed sense of hope. We can hardly wait for what next year’s event will bring. Until then, stay enchanted! 

Tea Leaf reading with Lynn O’Hearn.
Sarah Bankuti