By Mike Anderson

Pefferlaw’s Melinda Watpool continues her bid for a boxing title, after winning her first four fights since turning pro last year.

Watpool’s next bout is December 2 at Pickering Casino Resort against Hungary’s Timea Nagy, 35.

Nagy, who also turned pro in 2022, has fought five pro bouts, with three knock-out wins.

Watpool, 34, also known as The Whip, is the sole female fighter on United Boxing Promotion’s (UBP) December 2 card, which features five male fighters, including Brandon Cook, Sukhdeep Singh Bhatti and Ricardo Brown.

Watpool, who fights as a middleweight and super middleweight, achieved two technical knock-outs (TKOs) in her first four fights and is currently ranked fourth in the world by the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Watpool’s last win was against Spain’s Patrica Gonzalez on September 9, which was also her first eight-round contest. All of Watpool’s previous fights have been four rounds.

According to Watpool, Nagy usually fights in a heavier weight class – she’s ranked sixth in the light heavyweight division.

However, Nagy decided to come down in weight for her fight with Watpool.

But facing a potentially bigger and stronger opponent doesn’t seem to bother Watpool.

“I feel good about this fight,” Watpool said. “It’s going to be my second eight-round fight. So, it’s nice that I’ve already done one that went the distance.”

Watpool lands a punch vs Gonzalez on Sept 9

Watpool is also pleased with her progress to date and hopes that she will be able to get a title fight next year.

“With each fight, the ranking seems to be going up. So that’s what you want. And once you get up there, you can start challenging people for belts.”

For the past few weeks, Watpool has been training in B.C., which has allowed her to step up her outdoor training and hone her technique in the ring.

“It’s a great opportunity to get away and be able to focus on training and to get to spar with some new people,” she said.

“My sparring partners are great, but sometimes having some variety is nice. It forces you to change some things and work on different techniques.”

But while it’s good to get out of town to train, Watpool looks forward to having her fifth fight close to home.

“I have quite a few people from Pefferlaw coming out to Pickering. So that’s going to be fun to have that kind of support there,” she said.

Watpool is also grateful for the support she’s received from her employer, Pefferlaw Hardware, and the store’s customers.

“Pefferlaw Hardware has been great. They’re giving me time off for training camp and my fight,” she said.

“I also enjoy customers coming in and asking how the training is going and when I’m fighting next.”

“It makes me want to do even better because I have the town behind me. I want to do well, not just for myself but for them – their support really pushes me to be the best I can be.”

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