By Ewa Chwojko-Srawley

It’s often said that every picture tells a story.

That’s certainly true for Tom Zsolt, a renowned landscape and documentary photographer who has made his home in Georgina.

Each of Zsolt’s photographs, which depict the changing land, people and lifestyles in rural Ontario, tells a story.

But this time, he wants you to be inspired by one of seven of his photographs and write your own story.

Whether you are an established author or just like to put your thoughts into words, the 7 Stories Writing Contest is for you.

You can submit prose, poetry, or non-fiction to the contest.

The first-place entry will win $100 and receive a 24”x36” Giclee print of an Andrea Macleod painting. Macleod is the artist-in-residence at the Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture (GCAC) in Sutton.

The top three contestants will also receive a signed photograph by Zsolt.

Moreover, your story will be included in the exhibition, which takes place in April at the GCAC.

The Reckoning: Tom Zsolt

Along with the seven photographs selected for the contest, there will be several other works by Zsolt.

“I chose these specific photographs for the contest because they are recent,” Zsolt said. “Most of the works haven’t been seen yet, and I consider them among the best of my current work.”

Zsolt’s photographs, which often feature abandoned buildings and stark landscapes, are sure to inspire the muse in you.

“I see beauty in what other people can call ugly. I am not interested in pretty faces or perfect vistas for glossy magazines,” he said.

“I am obsessed with form: trees, crumbling buildings, abandoned cars – all have lines that fascinate me.”  

Often people don’t acknowledge photography as fine art, but each of Zsolt’s photographs is a unique artistic expression, with careful consideration for the subject matter, framing and lighting.

They are not just snapshots for social media posts. His photographs invite reflection and unlock your imagination.

Go to the website, view the seven images by Tom Zsolt, and let your creativity play!   The deadline for submission is March 31. 

For details, visit



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